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How to Create the Perfect Elevator Pitch

When thinking about how to formulate your perfect elevator pitch, consider what will peak someone’s interest and cause them to them take action. The truth is, it’s how you make people feel that makes you memorable. Does your current elevator pitch inspire action? Here’s how to put together a new elevator pitch that sparks some interest and […]

10 Things to Do for Your Career Success

Below are 10 things we feel are key to making your professional future and life a lot easier: Know how to explain ‘what you do’. Refining your elevator pitch does take practice. It was also change throughout your career. Be so good at explaining what you do that people never forget it. Know your career non-negotiables. Be […]

Skills that Pay the Bills

How valuable is the time you spent putting together your resume? Some companies are questioning how efficiently the traditional resume and cover letter realistically portray the applicant. When hours are spent formatting your resume and then sending it out to your contacts, the goal is to land you an interview. In order for your resume to work for you, […]

How Do You Know When it is Time to Look for Another Opportunity?

When we start a new job, we have a bright outlook and hope that we will enjoy the new daily routine most days. In reality, not all jobs turn out to be so wonderful. How can you tell if you are just in a rut or if it’s time to look for a new opportunity? If you can check off […]

Getting Stuck? 3 Ways to Boost Productivity

Has your workload increased due to a promotion or surviving layoffs? How are you handling your extra workload? How do you manage to not loose your mind in an office overload? Check out these 3 ways to boost your productivity… Embrace your productivity methods – How do you like to get organized in order to complete […]

Top 5 Errors To Avoid While on the Job Hunt

It is easy to make an error when preparing for your job hunt.  However even little mistakes can be very costly, especially in a very competitive environment. Common misspellings aside, here are 5 common job search errors to avoid: It’s not all about you – While finding a job may seem all about you, it isn’t for […]

How Much Importance are You Placing on Your Career Path?

Having a job you enjoy is great, but are you thinking about where your career is going? Planning the next step in your career is important to prevent hitting the abysmal “career plateau”. When life events happen, it is easy to get distracted from your job and career goals. Here are a few tips on […]

New Year, New Resolve, New Momentum

Now that it’s the last week in January, have you kept up with your New Years resolutions?   Generally, we all make resolutions with the intentions of change and betterment for our quality of life in the New Year, but rarely to we keep these sometimes lofty goals. Whether your resolution was to be healthier […]

Think Twice Before You Put Content Online…

When you are looking for a job, hoping to survive a merger or yearning for a promotion at work, are you extra careful with what you put online? You may think you post appropriate content on professional sites or social networks related to work, like LinkedIN, but be aware that your entire online presence is […]

How to Survive and Thrive After a Merger or Acquisition

With the popularity of mergers and acquisitions in this economy, some of us will be affected sometime in our careers.  What is the best way to survive and thrive after a big company change? After a merger or acquisition most people don’t know what to expect. Job loss and uncertainty are big concerns. It may also take months before […]

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