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Interview Skills to Land Your Dream Job

Job interviews can be some of the most important meetings you’ll ever have. If the job you’re applying for is your dream job, it can cause some added stress and pressure because you want to make sure you do exceptionally well. Being prepared and presenting yourself as confident and capable is the best way to […]

How to Land a Job Over Video Chat

Whether you are a student in college or a job candidate in the real world, the way you interview for a job is ever-changing. The latest way you need to be prepared to interview is via video. No matter if you use Skype, FaceTime or video conferencing, now is the time to prepare. Companies from […]

Top 5 Errors To Avoid While on the Job Hunt

It is easy to make an error when preparing for your job hunt.  However even little mistakes can be very costly, especially in a very competitive environment. Common misspellings aside, here are 5 common job search errors to avoid: It’s not all about you – While finding a job may seem all about you, it isn’t for […]

Non-Verbal Communication, The Interviewer and You

So you survived your most recent job interview. Do you know what the hiring manager thought about you? Often people are so nervous and consumed with their own thoughts and feelings that they forget to pay attention to the non-verbal cues the hiring manager is putting off. Here are a few non-verbal cues to look […]

Have a Job Interview Obstacle? Be Strategic

What to do when you realize you’re overqualified for a job when you are in a Job Interview… You’ve applied for a few jobs and receive a call back for an interview. While you’re in the interview you quickly realize you are overqualified for the position being offered. What do you do? Most people cut the interview […]

Worried About Your Employment Gap? It’s Time to Get Back to Work!

After a few years at home, you’ve decided to head back to work.  What is the best way to get back into the game?  Sadly, you may apply for a job and hear from the interviewer, “Well, you’ve been out of the workforce for a while…” How do you handle this type of obstacle? A […]

Thank You Note Secrets

When you are in the process of interviewing for a job, don’t forget a very important step… the post-interview Thank You note. In this competitive job market, people write Thank You notes more than you may think. In order to stand out from the crowd you have to write, not type, a killer Thank You note. While a […]

How to Get a Job Out of College

The job market is tough on a good day, especially for students right out of college. A few years ago you could get hired right away for having a degree, but now it is much tougher. For some, it is taking them at least a year out of college to get hired. I’m not talking about the […]

How to Answer the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Interview Question

Do you hate the interview question “tell me about yourself?” You’re not alone. Most people find this question difficult to answer.  When asked the this question, you want to consider what the interviewer is really asking: “Tell me about your Professional self or How do you handle yourself in a professional environment?“ By asking this question, the […]

How Far Can Your Smile Take You in 2013?

A smile can say so much about you. It can communicate warmth and openness, but it can also convey the wrong message. The saying is “eyes are the gateway to the soul,” but it can be said that the smile is the open/closed sign hanging above the gate. How can you ensure your smile is […]

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