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Does Your Resume Need Updating?

Are you looking for a new career opportunity and feeling a little left out of the job market? If potential employers aren’t responding to your resume, your skills and experience listed on your resume could be the culprit. Here’s how you can tell that your resume needs an update… 1. Dated Resume Trends – Some […]

Why You Need a Perfect Elevator Pitch

The Incredible Power of an Elevator Pitch The holidays are upon us. As we begin to gather with family and friends, are you confident sharing your elevator pitch? Will they understand what you do or will their eyes glaze over? If you can’t explain what you do for a living in 30-60 seconds and have people […]

How to Create the Perfect Elevator Pitch

When thinking about how to formulate your perfect elevator pitch, consider what will peak someone’s interest and cause them to them take action. The truth is, it’s how you make people feel that makes you memorable. Does your current elevator pitch inspire action? Here’s how to put together a new elevator pitch that sparks some interest and […]

How to Master a Phone Interview in 5 Easy Steps

It is common for employers to conduct interviews via telephone. With hundreds of candidates applying for a single job, this might sound intimidating.  Don’t panic, We’ve got your back! These 5 tips will help you master your phone interview. 1. Prepare the same way you would for an in-person interview It’s crucial to spend just as much time prepping for […]

Have a Job Interview Obstacle? Be Strategic

What to do when you realize you’re overqualified for a job when you are in a Job Interview… You’ve applied for a few jobs and receive a call back for an interview. While you’re in the interview you quickly realize you are overqualified for the position being offered. What do you do? Most people cut the interview […]

Are You Neglecting Your Network of Professional Contacts?

Active job-hunters know social networking sites can be some of the best tools for finding employment because it is easy to network with other professionals, friends, family, co-workers and new contacts.  But if you are happy in your job, you forget to continue to update your LinkedIn profile with new accomplishments and connect with new […]

Is the Grass Really Greener on the other side?

How to Job Seek Out of Your Industry…   Are you dreaming of another career? Maybe a move into a high-tech industry, healthcare or oil and gas would make you happier. At times a complete industry switch is necessary. A shocking statistic from a recent Yahoo! Finance article stated almost 60 percent of Americans would choose a […]

Worried About Your Employment Gap? It’s Time to Get Back to Work!

After a few years at home, you’ve decided to head back to work.  What is the best way to get back into the game?  Sadly, you may apply for a job and hear from the interviewer, “Well, you’ve been out of the workforce for a while…” How do you handle this type of obstacle? A […]

How Far Can Your Smile Take You in 2013?

A smile can say so much about you. It can communicate warmth and openness, but it can also convey the wrong message. The saying is “eyes are the gateway to the soul,” but it can be said that the smile is the open/closed sign hanging above the gate. How can you ensure your smile is […]

Proper Ergonomics Can Help You This Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, we often begin to feel pressure from many directions. On top of your busy work and personal schedule, you also now have to fit in searching for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. This crazy holiday routine can take a toll on your body. To prevent aches […]

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